About Toonia

Our Story (so far...)

We are a team of 4 designers and developers with years of work experience at the intersection of design, education and technology. We started working on our first Toonia project in 2011. Back then I would often bring my kids to the office with me and before long they started discovering many gadgets lying around. When we saw how intrigued they were by the iPad, we wanted to give them something they would love to play with, but that would also encourage them to to think creatively and teach them skills that will come useful later in their lives. Unfortunately, most of the apps we found, while being very imaginative themselves, wouldn’t encourage kids’ creativity, but would rather close them into narrow predefined scenarios. We decided we want to create something different.

We’re big fans of legos. In 1949, when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the inventor of legos, started experimenting with new toy designs, all the toys one could buy were just like the apps of today. A duck was a duck and a train was a train, a ready-made product and nothing else. Godfred changed that. In kids’ hands, his blocks could become a duck or a train a ducktrain or anything one could think of. They were the most fun, but also the best for children’s development. That’s what we want to do for iPad apps.

Our Philosophy

Playing is learning
We believe playing is the best way to learn about the world, but not all play is equal. Our apps are designed to stimulate kids’ imagination and encourage them to think creatively.

Playing is communicating
Children have so much to tell us, but they are only starting to learn verbal communication. With our apps we’re inviting them to share with us their opinions, dreams and sometimes pain, in their own their way. We’re especially mindful of children with special needs that need even more help expressing themselves. 

Playing is connecting
Our apps are designed to allow you and your kids to play together and also share your creations with your friends. Apps shouldn’t serve as a replacement for parents, but as an encouragement to spend more time together. 

Simple can be versatile
We keep our products simple so kids can pick them up right away, but opened to endless possibilities so they can never get bored playing with them.

Digital can be beautiful
We all remember beautiful toys from our childhoods that made our eyes shine just by looking at them. There is too much uninspired design in digital world. We’re raising minimal design acceptance standards for both kids and parents.

Educational can be fun
You will like our apps because they’re good for you kids’ development, but your kids will love them because they are fun.

Our Team

Anja Renko
psychologist by education, creative by heart. Trying to keep a balance between work and play in the Toonia office. When not creating stories with Toonia Storymaker, she loves making her little DIY projects.

Nina Štajner
is a talented young illustrator behind Toonia's unique design. Besides drawing she enjoys going on adventures, making friendship bracelets and baking extra chocolate muffins. They are delicious!

Luka Orešnik
senior Toonia developer, responsible for everything tappable, all the functions and all the bugs. If there are any, but he doubts that. Outside of Toonia world Luka likes to hit the trails with his mountain bike, jumping over creeks and scaring little animals. He feels bad afterwards.

Nejc Pintar
Toonia developer, the newest addition to our team. Nejc is awesome, because he has a pet spider. He would like to bring it to the office to scare Nina with it, but Andraž won't let him.

Andraž Logar
is a graduated 3d animator, father of two, founder of 3fs d.o.o. and a product owner of Toonia brand. Wearing his serious face, Andraž tries to help the rest of the Toonia team to produce the most beautiful content possible. He also takes care of the annoying stuff, like office space, staplers and paper.

Miha Mlakar
Miha is the one doing most of the writing and mailing at Toonia, letting the world know about our apps. In his spare time he loves coming up with ideas for new apps, especially if they involve trains. Steam trains, electric trains, maglevs… He believes there should be at least one train in every app.