Toonia Differences

The cutest "Spot the difference" game ever

Everyone of us is familiar with “Spot the Difference” type of game - a classic for kids and adults. It may seem simple to spot a different dress or a cat turned to a racoon, but we challenge you to try it yourself. The gameplay is simple: compare two pictures and find the differences between them as fast as you can. You can choose among different educational theme packs, from seasons to habitats, from sports to culture, and more. Thanks to this app kids can learn to pay attention to the details and parents can help them make up stories to go with the illustrations. It is a perfect combination of fun and learning!
What others say about this app
“What really sticks out about the Toonia Differences app is the detail in these photos. There is so much for kids to take in, enjoy, and learn about.” ~ App Picker

“I can't help but notice how much a speech therapist could work on improving language skills using this app.” ~ Mac and Toys

"I had a lot of fun playing it with my five-year-olds. I love games that encourage cooperative play." ~ Geeks with Juniors

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