Toonia Jelly

Learn about colors, shapes and emotions

Children have a natural urge to explore and identify the relationships of objects in their surroundings. Toonia Jelly encourages their curiosity in a safe environment full of interesting interactions and fun surprises. It is a truly open-ended adventure that is sure make your little ones giggle with delight.

Use your finger to move around and catch magical objects to see Jelly change shapes and colors. Learn what makes him happy and cheer him up if he gets sad or scared. If you're nice to him, he will be your friend forever. 
What others say about this app
“It is also worth noting that as a universal app, Toonia Jelly would make a lovely app for iPhone, used for distracting babies when out and about as a quiet, relaxing app that will keep toddlers interested for quite some time.” ~ 148 Apps

“In Toonia Jelly toddlers can take advantage of their natural curiosity to discover relationships between different objects in their environment.” ~ App gefahren

"I really like the fact that Toonia Jelly allows children to play by any rules that they come up for themselves. I also like the simple and attractive design, music and sounds made by Jelly." ~ EduStore

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