Toonia Storymaker

Make your own illustrated stories

Toonia Storymaker is a fun educational toy that encourages children to explore their imagination and express themselves through creating their own illustrated stories. Choose your world and your characters, move them around, change their color, size, posture or emotion and write what they are saying.

It's like lego bricks for illustrated stories. From fairy tales to adventures in space, Toonia Storymaker allows for endless possibilities and hours of fun for both kids and parents.
What others say about this app
“Who knows: this inexpensive iPad app purchase might just inspire the next great comics artist, film director, or creative writer. This app is just good clean fun for kids.” ~ Tapscape

“If you would like to inspire the next Newbery Medal winner, you may download Toonia Storymaker. It's actually pretty revolutionary.” ~ Smart Apps for Kids

"Toonia Storymaker is the kind of app that could easily become a favorite for an imaginative child. It’s worth the price." ~ Fun educational apps

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