Toonia Colorbook

When it comes to old-school playtime, nothing beats a classic coloring book. It's super fun, but also builds concentration skills, motor skills and eye-hand coordination as well as creative thinking. But crayons can be messy, especially when pages run out and kids find other things to color. Toonia Colorbook brings all the joy of coloring with the convenience of the iPad.

Toonia Colorbook includes 72 beautiful coloring pages in 9 themes. Each theme comes with a unique selection of beautiful crayons for your children to discover and combine in any way they like. Toonia Colorbook also supports multi-touch so your kids can color together with friends or siblings and learn about the importance of cooperation and the joy of sharing. The more fingers the merrier! When finished you can save, share and print your works, or shake the device to start over. If you prefer to color on paper you can also print out blank coloring pages.

COLOR 72 beautiful coloring pages from simple to more challenging.

DISCOVER wonderful new colors with every new theme.

Color TOGETHER with friends or siblings.

SAVE, SHARE and PRINT your works or print out blank pages.

RECOLOR them as many times as you like.

Appropriate for children age 2 and up.

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