Toonia Colorbook with exciting new features!

Just recently our most successful app Toonia Colorbook has passed an amazing milestone. We are celebrating 2 million users! Can you imagine there are more than 2 million happy kids all over coloring with Toonia Colorbook? Our team has been overwhelmed by the awesome feedback we have received so far.

But we have not been resting so here is a brand new update with some exciting features for old and new Toonia Colorbook friends.


So what’s new?

  • You can be even more creative with the new coloring brush.
  • You can choose among 100+ new colors, including a very special rainbow brush.
  • Aaaand you can color amazing dinosaurs, funky vehicles or other completely new coloring pages.

And don’t feel bad if you enjoy coloring as much as your little one does. You are not alone.

Toonia Colorbook is still available on App Store – for FREE.

November 13, 2015